From the 8th to the 12th of December 2014, ECES delivered in Pristina, Kosovo a BRIDGE module in Election Observation ( The training was fully funded by the Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE) as a part of a capacity building scheme to strengthen the skills of civil society organisations in monitoring the performance of the election management body (EMS) and other elected institutions.

Here in Kosovo to facilitate the five-day workshop were Gabrielle Bardall (USA), Expert BRIDGE trainer, Franck Balme (FRA) and Leandro Nagore (SPA) who are both election observation experts and semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitators and Victoria Florinder (SWE), ECES’ Election Violence Management Advisor and accredited BRIDGE facilitator.

This workshop was the fourth training to be delivered during the fall for mainly two local umbrella organisations, namely Democracy in Action (DiA) and Democracy for Development (D4D). From 29 to 30 September, OSCE organised the first workshop on international standards and commitments pertaining to elections; principles and good practices for EMBs accountability and methods of assessing EMBs performance, anchored in the context of Kosovo. The second workshop held between 27 to 28 October dealt with electoral justice covering both theoretical issues (general principles of legal system, international standards on electoral justice, different models worldwide) and practical ones (key points of Kosovo electoral legislation, legal practice of EMBs). Participants became familiar with practice of the EMBs as well as challenges that they face when implement and interpret relevant laws.

From 10 to 11 November, the topics were Municipal Election Commissions (MECs), Political Entities (PEs) and electoral finance, and public procurement in Kosovo. The workshop provided and opportunity for the participants to become familiar with MEC appointment, duties and responsibilities, PEs registration and certification process and legal obligations with regard to electoral finances, and procurement procedures and legislation.

ECES looks forward to a deepened collaboration with OSCE with this week’s workshop as a starting point.