Aouam Chamsedin holds the position of Finance and Administration Officer.

He is in charge of monitoring the legislative procedures applicable in Belgium for the proper administration of ECES.
He is also responsible for the accounting, thus having an overview on the state of the organization on daily basis. Chamsedin is also in charge of ECES finances, managing financial flows by carrying out budget monitoring to honor each partnership.

Chamsedin worked as a freelancer for an accounting firm, where he managed a client portfolio of over 50 companies, in the accounting and tax advice areas. Two years later, he was hired by an Accounting and Tax Consultants firm, having more than 135 clients, both, physical and legal entities,  of which Chamsedin was responsible.


Chamsedin Aouam is a graduate of the Institute of Economics ‘HELDB’ in Brussels, with a specialization in VAT and European tax system. He also has a Master in Accounting and Tax Expertise.