Support to the Parliament of Madagascar

As part of the Solidarity Priority Fund – Enhancement of the Institutional Reinforcement in Madagascar (Fonds de Solidarité Prioritaire (Accompagnement de la relance institutionnelle à Madagascar ), a programme financed by the Embassy of France in Madagascar, ECES received funding of 22,000 Euro to support the capacity building  of the National Assembly of Madagascar.


The National Assembly capacity-building programme is intended for both the elected officials and for the support staff. The objective is to support the newly elected Parliament in the implementation, dissemination and explanation of the working tools to make its action more efficient. 


The actions proposed to meet the goal will be organized around the establishment of working tools for better understanding of the role of each individual working in the Parliament (Member of the Parliament and support staff) and a more effective collaboration between the deputies and the support staff. The implementation will be done through working meetings and exchange of experiences with the members of the parliamentary administration, external experts and other deputies or persons with relevant professional experience.


On October 28 2014, ECES team met with the Chairperson of the National Assembly to discuss the progress of the planned activities, including:


  • Exchange seminar on the roles of the different structures / administrative regulations of the National Assembly

This session aims to enable technical staff within the parliamentary administration (Secretary General, Directors, Heads of Departments) to communicate to all members during the plenary session their respective services and the relevant documentation. It will also provide support in drafting an administrative regulation on the organization and operation of the National Assembly in order to have a reference document to share with the MPs.

  • Working session on the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly

This session aims to present in detail the Rules of Procedure to ensure that every deputy is well-informed about its content and its function. This session will be prepared by representatives of the administration with the support of a Malagasy expert in order to identify the articles that require adaptation and are worthy to be debated during the Plenary Sitting.

  • Producing a French-Malagasy glossary
  • Drafting a Code of Conduct

Based on the existent Codes of Conduct, a code for the Malagasy National Assembly should be adapted in cooperation with the Committee that will be created ad hoc for this purpose. The commission will be assisted by an expert.