PACTE-BF, Visit to the INEC’s Central Warehouse

In the framework of the “Project to Support the Credibility and Transparence of Elections in Burkina Faso”(PACTE-BF), projects’ logistics experts, Stéphane Mondon, and André Amon made a visit to the Central Warehouse of  the Independent National Electoral Commission (originally -CENI) in Ouagadougou on 27 July 2015.


The visit was aimed at assessing the space available for the receipt of electoral material – precisely, ballot boxes, seals, lamps, batteries, safe envelopes, boxes and folders, acquired as a result of the Open Tender launched by PACTE-BF (ECES/PACTE-BF/AO/FO-01/2015) on the 8/05/2015 and closed on the 12/06/2015.


After assessing the occupation capacity of the warehouse of the CENI, the experts confirmed that all the equipment controlled by ECES on behalf of the CENI, could be stored without difficulty.

During the visit, the PACTE-BF team analysed the issue of providing security for electoral material by identifying the main factors and elements that must be subject of joint monitoring together with Mr. Martin Banse, the Financial and Administrative Director of the CENI.


At the end, a preliminary assessment of the management procedures of the Central Warehouse of the CENI was performed. This initial evaluation will be further developed during the assessment of the supply chain previewed under PACTE-BF.

Implemented in the context of the electoral process of closing the political and institutional transition in Burkina Faso, PACTE-BF project aims to contribute to the holding of credible, transparent and peaceful elections through the capacity building of electoral stakeholders. Specifically the project provides technical and operational support to the INEC of Burkina Faso and its branches and contributes to long-term capacity building of the institutions.

PACTE-BF Project is funded by the European Union, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Republic of Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic and the Kingdom of Denmark.