PACTE Comoros II

Following the implementation of the Project PACTE I, the European Union entrusted the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) with the implementation of the Projet d’Appui à la Crédibilité et à la Transparence du processus électoral de 2015/16 en Union des Comores (PACTE II). This Project, funded by the European Union as well, aims to contribute to the organization of credible, transparent and peaceful elections in the Union of Comoros.


The Project PACTE II, ​​which started on 24th June 2015 for a period of 14 months, aims to support all the stakeholders of the electoral process in the organization of Presidential and Governors elections that will be held in the beginning of 2016 in the Union of Comoros.


The Project is the continuity of the Project PACTE I, implemented from the 25th July 2014 to the 25th June 2015, and follows the recommendations of different national and international observation missions, as well as the conclusions of the external evaluation report of June 2015.


PACTE II is a new project implemented by ECES, in partnership with Democracy Essentials and Osservatorio di Pavia - organization specialized in media analysis and monitoring.


The specifics objectives of PACTE II Comoros are:


  1. Strengthening the capacity of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) and its branches so that it can ensure holding free, transparent and democratic presidential and Governors elections;


  1. Promoting awareness raising activities and electoral education implemented by the CENI and non-governmental actors in Comoros ;


  1.  Promoting transparency of the electoral process by strengthening the communication, national electoral observation and conflict management ;


  1.  Strengthening the electoral process by supporting the reform of the legal and institutional framework, given the achievements of the 2014-16 electoral cycle ;


The main activities of the project will be focused on:


  • Training the electoral administration in the planning of the voting process and the resolution of electoral disputes ;
  • Acquisition and distribution of electoral materials ;
  • Civic education, awareness and information campaigns.


During the 14 months of its implementation, the Project PACTE II, will organize trainings and will support capacity building of the electoral administration so that it will able to carry out the elections of 2016 and ensure its functions between the electoral cycles (2016 and 2020).


The Project will also support the strengthening of the Constitutional Court, the last body of appeal in electoral disputes, so that it can confirm and strengthen its independence.


Political parties and candidates will also be direct beneficiaries of the project since the relations between the CENI and the Consultation Framework will be strengthened to create a space for dialogue which will allow all stakeholders to be informed on the ongoing process.


Civil society, and especially young people, women and rural population, will be targeted by awareness and information campaigns on modalities to be registered in the voter register and voter procedures.


For more information, please contact Valeria Aldighieri, Project Officer of PACTE II Comoros at the following address: or visite the website of the project: