OIF Gabon

In Gabon, ECES contributed to the OIF project Accompanied Electoral Processes (Accompagner les processus électoraux). In this context, experts from ECES and EFEAC prepared and delivered a seminar on voter registration and the use of technology in electoral processes. This programme took place in December 2012, in Libreville, Gabon, in partnership with RECEF (Network of Francophone Electoral Skills) and the Autonomous and Permanent Electoral Commission of Gabon (CENAP). Representatives of all RECEF countries took part in the seminar.

The themes discussed during the seminar included: selecting appropriate technologies, taking into account the electoral cycle in voter registration, challenges and opportunities for the introduction of technology in Francophone Africa, and respecting privacy in the context of voter registration processes.

As a result of this seminar, ECES and OIF experts contributed to the publication: "Biometry in Elections: Issues and Perspectives”, also available on our website in the "Resources" menu.