Within its Electoral Assistance program to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Council of Europe (CoE) has supported the development of the Center for Education of the Central Election Commission of BIH and has entrusted the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) to deliver a series of workshops entitled 'Leadership and Conflict Management for Electoral Stakeholders' (LEAD) to members and staff of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CEC), as one of the first activities of the Center. Thanks to a curriculum which integrates concepts of leadership and conflict management, these LEAD workshops are intended to further cultivate capacities within the Election Administration of BiH in preparation for future electoral cycles.

In the spirit of ownership and sustainability, these LEAD workshops comprise of a component whereby participants will receive a formation to subsequently become trainers for LEAD workshops, which will be imparted in future in the newly opened Center for Education in Sarajevo. After successfully completing the LEAD training, the newly accredited trainers will put their recently acquired expertise into action by delivering two consecutive workshops in Sarajevo and Laktaši to members of municipal Election commissions.
The pioneering LEAD capacity-enhancing programme was developed by ECES in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) as a means of strengthening the long-term capacities of electoral stakeholders for effectively dealing with election-related conflicts. It was devised to address the notable lack of high-level practical training in conventional capacity-development strategies, which tend to be overly theoretical and ill-suited for effective field implementation.

LEAD combines education techniques with an interaction-based approach. Indeed, instead of relying on conventional teaching methods such as lecturing, LEAD focuses on practical problem solving. The training uses cases that electoral stakeholders actually face, promoting experience sharing among the participants. The purpose of this methodology is to provide content of direct relevance to participants' concerns as well as to deliver this content in a creative and engaging manner. By promoting a practical and interactive learning experience, LEAD encourages participants to think outside the box in order to bring creative and innovative ideas to the table.

ECES, a not-for-profit private foundation headquartered in Brussels, promoting sustainable democratic development through the provision of advisory services, operational support and management of large projects in the electoral and democracy assistance field has been delivering nearly 40 LEAD trainings since 2012 in more than 35 countries over the world.
The LEAD Training, which will be held from 9-28 of October in BiH, will be the inauguration activity of the newly founded Center for Education of the Central Election Commission of BIH in Sarajevo. The official inauguration ceremony of the Center will take place on 9 October 2017, 2pm.