Electoral material PACTE Comores II

A part of the electoral material for the Presidential and Governors’ elections in the Union of Comoros was well-delivered to Moroni.

Voting booths, electoral kits with indelible ink and the seals have arrived on Saturday,  2th January 2016 and were stored in the warehouse of the CENI in Moroni.

The material has been received by the senior electoral adviser of the project along with the person responsible for of the material from the CENI.  All the material arrived in good conditions and is consisted by: 


  • 1.700 electoral kits;
  • 4.500 seals;
  • 1.740 indelible ink;
  • 1.260 booths.


The electoral material for the elections in Grande Comore is ready to be distributed to each municipality of the island.


The material for the two islands ( Anjouan and Moheli) will be sent by ship on 25th of January  2016 and will be prepared on site by the IECI before being transmitted to CECI.