ECES invited to assess the elections in Mexico

Following the large electoral reform undertaken by the Mexican legislator in 2014, which affected the Constitution and a number of laws, the Federal District Electoral Institute (IEDF in Spanish) decided to invite a group of representatives from different European and Latin America election-related institutions to attend the 7 June 2015 local elections.


The main purpose of this invitation is to get the international experts to evaluate the working relations between the IEDF and the newly created Electoral National Institute (INE), which replaced the former Federal Electoral Institute, in the light of the new legal framework.


The invited institutions are the Electoral Tribunals of Uruguay and Paraguay, the Electoral Authority of Colombia, the University of Salamanca´s Spanish-American Institute, Ethics and Transparency from Nicaragua, the Union of South-American Nations, and ECES, represented by Adolfo Cayuso. Besides, the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies were also invited to observe the elections at Mexico City level. 


During 8 days, the international experts will meet and exchange views with councilors from the IEDF, the INE, judges from the Federal District´s Electoral Court and representatives from foreign electoral bodies and leaders of the main Mexican political parties. Likewise, experts will observe during Election Day a number of polling sites.


After this, the IEDF will organize a one-day workshop where the foreign invitees will analyze the impact of the electoral reform on the work of the EMB, the joint work of the national and local electoral authorities, the election dispute resolution mechanisms, the involvement of the Mexican civil society, and will draft a number of conclusions and recommendations to be shared with the electoral, judicial and executive authorities at Federal District Level.


On the other hand, ECES has been invited to explain its structure, scope of work and activities to the rest of the international experts and the electoral authorities at local and national level. The training on leadership and electoral conflict resolution attracted the attention of the local electoral authorities as nothing has been done in this respect so far.