Transtec, as a consortium leader, has been awarded the LOT 12 of the European Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013-2017. 



ECES is part of the consortium of the framework contract related to "Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Management and Post-Crisis assistance" led by Transtec. 




The organisations part of the consortium are: 

  • CIvI Pol Conseil
  • European Centre for Electoral Support
  • Garda World
  • Hamap
  • IDLO
  • Instituto Marques de Valle Flor
  • Media Consulting Group
  • Université de Montréal
  • Netherlands Institute for Multiparty democracy
  • Research on Security and Transnational Governance
  • SHER Ingénieurs Conseils



ECES, as a consortium member and under the leadership of Transtec, will be responsible for providing fast-acting technical assistance. Particularly, ECES will deal with the organization of European Union Electoral Exploratory  Missions (EU ExM), as well as with the selection of experts in the framework of these missions.


The LOT 12 supervises the delivering of short-term expertise in the areas of Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Managament and Post-conflict assistance for external aid projects in the exclusive interest of beneficiary third countries of EU External Aid. The specific services foreseen in LOT 12 are:


  1. Humanitarian aid needs assessment;
  2. Mediation, conflict resolution, reconciliation;
  3. Emergency support needs assessment;
  4. Monitoring/observing cease-fire/peace accords, agreements;
  5. Information/media support in crisis/emergency situations;
  6. Demobilisation, disarmament and reintegration;
  7. Clearance of mines or unexploded ordnance;
  8. Repatriation/resettlement of refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs), support to host communities;
  9. Linking relief, rehabilitation and development in post-crisis areas with the aim of contributing to a long-term economical reintegration of crisis-affected populations;
  10. Damage assessment/reconstruction planning;
  11. Post-conflict transitional relief measures;
  12. Logistical support to operations;
  13. Disaster preparedness;
  14. Civil protection;
  15. EU Election Exploratory Missions and EU Follow-up Expert Missions.