The European Centre for Electoral Support is considered under the Belgian law as a large non profit foundation which leads to a sustained and regular need for legal support. In this context, ECES is collaborating with a specialized law firm called "Schmitz, Jottrand, Klees, Risopoulos & Gernay - Association d'Avocats".


Within this firm, ECES interacts and is supported mainly by Mr. Fernand Schmitz, lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 1968. He has a multidisciplinary experience particularly in the fields of EU affairs, economic and commercial law, business law, administrative law, social law, civil law for heritage and liability law. His practice covers advice and consultation to the defense and representation before national or foreign courts, in addition to conciliation, mediation and arbitration as well as other alternatives conflict resolution through the drafting of agreements and other acts of a legal nature. 


Maitre Schmitz supports ECES primarily for: a) the redaction and reviewing of contracts for consultants or service and good providers; b) the redaction and reviewing of partnerships agreements; c) the review of ECES legal status following the decisions of ECES management board; d) the recuperation of credits; e) the management of staff liaising for this purpose with ECES Human Resources support SD Worx vis a vis of the Belgian Social Security System.







Furthermore, ECES relies on another firm for specific cases and needs, called THALES, an independent law firm specialised in business law. It has offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Namur that together have a staff of around 30 lawyers. THALES advises businesses, public and private institutions and individuals in all major fields of law and defends their interests before Belgian and European judicial and administrative courts as well as in the framework of alternative dispute resolution processes.



Within THALES, ECES is working closely with Mr. Olivier SCHEUER who practices individual and collective labour law, social security law and criminal and social law. He conducts seminars and regularly publishes in these fields. He is a member of the editorial board of  Chroniques de droit social. Olivier SCHEUER has been a member of the Brussels bar since 1999. He worked for several years for CLAEYS & ENGELS, specialised in human resources matters.